Chesapeake Energy Corp (NYSE: CHK)

Chesapeake Energy Corp (NYSE: CHK)

$6.00+0.13 +2.21%

After Hours :  $6.03 +0.03 +0.50%


Winter is close at hand.  Parts of the USA are already buried in snow. The demand for heat, whether nat gas, electric, or home heating oil, is going to benefit Chesapeake Energy Corp (NYSE: CHK)  when the US Energy Information Administration (US EIS) reports crude and natural gas (nat gas) supply drawdowns. That applies to the entire northern hemisphere. GE is reporting demand for clean green nat gas turbines to replace coal fired electrical generation … that is a year round demand.

 I would not be surprised to hear OPEC is cutting back supply to raise prices. The OPEC gamble to maintain market share is costing a bundle and taking way longer than OPEC planned on.

 Plus, all the “oversupply” and “filling to tank tops” short seller HYPE, in this low interest rate environment, buyers, especially end users, of crude have repeatedly demonstrated they are willing to pay for, take possession, and STORE as much crude as “they” can get their hands on … NOW!

 When is that FINALLY going to sink in ??

I pay attention to what the BUYERS are doing … ‘cuz that is DEMAND and the FACTS beat HYPE every time!

 Energy sector and CHK shorts are at RISK of waking up any winter morning only to be surprised by the weekly US EIA crude and nat gas reports … and OPEC.

—————————- for Wednesday, 11/18/2015

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