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I used to blog on Zacks’ People and Picks.  Sadly, Zacks People and Picks shut down November 1, 2015.   I thought all my blogs and comments were gone; but, more than one of my blogs were republished on other sites.  Like this oldie but goodie, re-published in part on

General Electric in 2012 – Voice of the People

By, January 23, 2012, 05:24:01 PM EDT

General Electric GE
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I wrote: ” General Electric (GE) has a Zacks Rank of (3 – Hold) and an S&P Rank of 4 Stars (Buy).  Regarding GE and GE Capital, I do see analysts making interesting observations followed with great analysis, yet missing  the bigger picture related to GE’s manufacturing side in relation to the global trials and tribulations.

In my own analyses, crude prices above $75 per barrel are substantially beneficial to GE’s manufacturing arm. I am expecting greater demand for GE’s natural gas turbines, upgrades to existing power production, as well as greater demand for GE’s commercial “energy efficient” airplane engines … etc. GE’s expanding backlog attests to that. ”

For the rest of the story ….

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Based on my analysis … I did purchase GE stock.

I have not sold my position.

GE has been restructuring returning General Electric from a really hard to analyze financial conglomerate back to an industrial conglomerate.

  • GE agreed to sell its Australian commercial-lending business to an affiliate of Bain Capital for a reported $1.34 billion.
  • Recently, GE with 10 billion shares issued and outstanding,  announced the final results of its exchange offer for shares of Synchrony Financial (SYF), saying it was 3.2 times oversubscribed. The exchange completes the exit of GE from the consumer finance company.


The final exchange ratio for the share swap with Synchrony Financial (SYF)?   GE offered 1.0505 shares of Synchrony for each eligible GE share until November 16.   For GE stockholders, the GE for SYF exchange, which is related to the spin-off of Synchrony Financial, is equivalent to about $20.2 billion in a GE stock buyback.   GE expects to retire about 671 million shares and reduce the outstanding GE float by approximately 6.6% upon completion of the exchange offer.

There’s a whole lot more to come … like what GE is going to do with the billions $$$$ it is exchanging its assets for.

I strongly recommend individuals keep checking GE’s Investor Relations web pages for updates:


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