Nasdaq Comp pivot point chart for Monday d/w/m

Nasdaq 20151211.jpg
Nasdaq Comp pivot pt chart

( 1) DJIA pivot point chart thru Friday’s 12/11/2015 close, where:

  • LE= Long Entry
  • LX= Long Exit
  • SE= Short Entry
  • SX= Short Exit
III.  Index Support and Resistance for Monday, 12/14/2015
 Below you will find the 52 week performance, and the Year-to-Date (YTD) performance to the selected index.    For tracking the day’s action, here are the Pivot Points, Support points, Resistance points,  and the 50 day simple moving averages (sma),  for the NasdaqComp.
  •  If the related index, or stock, is above the pivot point, the pivot point is both support, and an indication that Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets are Bullish.
  •  If the related Index, or stock, is below the pivot point, then the pivot point represents resistance, as well as an indication that Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets are Bearish.
  •   Please Note:   ALL projections are for reference only. 


( 2) For the Nasdaq Comp (INDEX NASDAQ: .IXIC) (ETF: QQQ)
  •   Closed 12/11 down @ 4933.47
  •   :: Pivot point   4952.78
  •   Support (s1)  4909.36       Support (s2)  4885.26
  •   Resistance (r1)  4976.88    Resistance (r2)  5020.30
  •   Simple Moving Average (Close 50):  5000.46
  •   52 week performance +6.01%  YTD performance  +4.17%

( 3) I will be returning and adding more info including daily, weekly, and monthly chart analysis below


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  Have a great day investing, or trading … 

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