U. S. government Overseas Assassination 101


U. S. government  Overseas Assassination 101:   

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We are all threatened.     See   US killed Americans held by, working with al-Qaeda


The US government has a 16 page DOJ “opinion” on KILLING US citizens overseas … no trial, no jury, no judge, no testimony, no witnesses on your behalf, … once you are dead,  you can not argue that the US government is WRONG! …   A US government bureaucrat decides to terminate you … because he/she can … not because he/she is right.   This paper has already KILLED innocent Americans … NOT terrorists, not criminals.  V-I-C-T-I-M-S! Blown up. Shredded by shrapnel. Crushed when the building you’re in collapses on top of you.

Quite a horrendous way for any unsuspecting, targeted, innocent individual, or innocent bystander to die.    But, it’s okay because … maybe they’ll pay your family money some indeterminate time after you are long dead.

NBC news acquired and published this.

Perhaps you missed it.



If you think you are safe in the USA … the US government premeditates your assassination, except they call it by various names … like “training scenarios”, or “accidents”, et cetera,   … and once you are dead … they simply get rid of evidence.

If you do not think so,  google “Ruby Ridge”.    The murder charges against the FBI assassin”?  … Dropped by the Court because the US government claimed “Sovereign Rights.”

Sadly, it appears the US Constitution,  that I enlisted to defend, means nothing.




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