The Indices Monday, 4/25/2016 thru Friday 4/29/2016

Updated 4/30/2016    Below I am offering percentage basis comparison charts of the  Indices, going back to the first correction in August of 2015 …

Some would argue, that we are in a “Bear” market with a short term  upside trend … waiting for some, as yet unforeseen, shoe to drop.    Some would argue the “Bull” market is still running.   Happily, I do my own homework, and do not have to wait for someone else to write an article that I might miss.  IMHO, the math points to a Bull market “correction” that is playing out “sideways”  over time.    However, its YOUR money, and charts, despite the MATH, and Science, are still subject to “interpretation” by the analyst … and therein, through sharing,  lies opportunity for discussion and debate.


DJI_SPX_NAS %20160426

Chart 1 (above) is the DJIA, versus the S&P500, and the Nasdaq based on the percentage change in their respective Closing points.   Where, before the markets first correction in August 2015, the Nasdaq was outperforming the other indices; it is now the DJIA leading the way!

Note: The changes in the plot line colors in the charts, above and below, is not an error.  I was multitasking and running a statistical analysis at the same time.   I apologize for not explaining that sooner.   I am working on the charts for Monday and next week’s projections.   I will use plot lines without the statistical analysis color changes for the multi-plot charts and leave them in the single Index line plot charts.  I will also change the Russell plot line colors for the multi-plot charts so the shades of green do not  distort the picture.    Please feel free to comment on which you prefer. 


Russ 1k-2k-3k %Chng

Chart 2 (above) shows the Russell 1000 (RUI) in lockstep with the Russell 3000 (RUA) outperforming the Russell 2000 (RUT) which has yet to make it back to breakeven.   As you can see on the chart, percentage wise, the Russell 2000 (RUT) got whacked by Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets to the negativity tune of a minus -17.56 percent … (Ouch!)

However, IMHO, may I point out the Russell 2000 (RUT), having fallen further than the other indices, is impressing me in a number of areas, to the point I am re-organizing my Russell 2000 (RUT) databases, spreadsheets, and charts for any hint of verification, or confirmation, of my thinking.    I have made many notes, currently in draft … and looking at  Russell 2000 (RUT) based ETFs.


S&P500 vsVIX %Chng 20160426

Chart 3 (above) is the S&P 500 (red) versus the Volatility Index (VIX) (lt. blue).  Here, I, and we,  can see the VIX looks to be in a bottoming process … and certainly worth keeping an eye on for any hint a third correction … or a Bear market …  is waiting in the wings …



——  Monday, 4/25/2016 thru Friday 4/29/2016  ——-


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