APPLE Inc. (AAPL) for Friday 7/1/2016 (d-w-m) (p6)

  June was an eventful, and painful, month for the global and USA stock markets.   The Russell indices get reconstituted in June which is going to affect Apple Inc.’s weighting.     Every June, the 3rd Friday of the month is Quadruple Witching as stock options and futures expire along with expiring Index options and futures.   Plus, we had an FOMC meeting Tuesday/Wednesday before Quadruple Witching that could have been ugly for markets expecting the Fed to NOT raise rates.  Then, Thursday 6/23/2016,  we had the UK voting  on whether to stay in the EU, or leave, and with the markets, the experts, and the talking heads expecting the UK people to vote to stay in the EU … the global markets woke up to find the UK people voted to exit the EU.  Oops!   Watch out below, Friday and Monday, as more than 2 trillion dollars of global markets value was wiped out.    However, those paying attention , knew 6/30/2016 was the last trading day of the second quarter, as well as the last trading day of the first half of 2016.   IMHO, the Brexit vote selloff helped mask funds preparing for their q2’2016 and h1’2016 reports to shareholders  “window dressing” wherein funds are getting rid of losers and looking to buy winners.   Which left open the Monday to Thursday scenario wherein funds would be spending cash to accomplish the buy side of window dressing.
   PROs and CONs, two other things specific to Apple Inc. … China and India.   CONs, Apple Inc.  got surprised by a ban on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus  in China based on patent claims of infringement of “case design”  by a virtually non-existent Chinese company.    PROs, Apple Inc. appears to be able to set up phone stores in India.

 Disclosure:   I own Apple Inc. (AAPL)  shares and I bought more just pennies of the Monday lows for Apple Inc.    First and foremost, I am doing this “Bull and Bear“, “PROs/CONs“, analysis for myself, as my homework and my due diligence, on my investment in Apple Inc.  Sharing what I am seeing, opens the door to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and readers, to read that which interests them, or that which they asked about,  … and ignore that which doesn’t … after all it’s your money.  Please feel free to add to the discussion.   The  (d-w-m) in any of my blog titles advises my readers that the article will include charts, .. daily, weekly, and monthly charts along with observations,  analysis, and projections.

Please Note:  these  price projections are for reference only, and can be easily exceeded, or ignored,  by Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets.   The (p6) in the title advises my readers that I have other blogs that may include related information I am not repeating here … (1) for the sake of space,  (2) so as to not sound like a broken record, but also (3) so readers can compare how the past observations,  analysis, charts, tables, and projections  panned out over time.

II.  Select Apple Inc. (AAPL) metrics

  •  AAPL …  95.60  +1.20 (+1.27%)  After Hours: 95.40 -0.20 (-0.21%)
  • Price Target (1 year):   121.38 +/- 0.35
  • Price Target (6 months): 112.17 +/- 0.32
  •  ROE:  39.06
  • ROA:  17.89
  •  P/E ttm   10.46
  • P/E fwd.:  10.53
  • PEG:       1.18

III.  Apple Inc. (AAPL) Charts, Pivot Points,  Support and Resistance, etc.  for Friday 7/1/2016

Below you will find the 52 week performance, and the Year-to-Date (YTD) performance to Apple Inc. (AAPL).  See  52week High,  52week Low, (Close 12/31/2015) to track changes in this info.   For tracking the day’s action, here are the Pivot Points (PP), Support points (s1, s2), Resistance points (r1, r2),  the 50 day-week-month simple moving averages (sma50), and the 200 day-week-month simple moving averages (sma200)..
::  If the related index, or stock, is above the pivot point, the pivot point is both support, and an indication that Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets are Bullish.
::  If the related Index, or stock, is below the pivot point, then the pivot point represents resistance, as well as an indication that Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets are Bearish.
::   Please Note: ALL projections are for reference only as they can be easily exceeded, up or down, by Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets.

  •  Now let’s look at Apple Inc.’s Daily-Weekly-Monthly charts
aapl 20160630d
(41) APPLE Inc. (AAPL) for Friday, 7/1/2016
(a – daily)   Closed 6/30 up @ 95.60  +1.20 (+1.27%)
  •   :: Pivot point   95.2233
  • Support (s1)  94.677       Support (s2)  93.753
  • Resistance (r1) 96.147   Resistance (r2)  96.693
  • Simple Moving Average (Close 50):   96.553
  • Simple Moving Average (Close 200): 105.02
  • 52 week High   132.97     52 week Low   89.47
aapl 20160630w
(b – weekly) Weekly (Friday to Friday)
  •    :: Pivot point   94.29
  • Support (s1)  92.81       Support (s2)  90.02
  • Resistance (r1)  97.08  Resistance (r2)  98.56
  • Simple Moving Average (Close 50):   106.412
  • Simple Moving Average (Close 200):   93.304
 aapl 20160630m
   (c – monthly)
  •    :: Pivot point   96.33
  • Support (s1)  90.77       Support (s2)  85.94
  • Resistance (r1)  101.16  Resistance (r2)  106.72
  • Simple Moving Average (Close 50):   93.162
  • Simple Moving Average (Close 200):  35.518
—–  Monday, 6/27/2016   thru    Friday 7/1/2016  ——-

Hope the above  Apple Inc. (AAPL)   Support and Resistance calculations for Friday, 7/1/2016  help your investing and trading planning today …


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