Conversation, Discussion, and Debate

I invite guests to participate in the conversation, discussion, and debate  regarding any of my blogs of interest.  My blogs are stock market oriented.   I do endeavor to add my own artwork.  Some of my blog readers are  children that found my blogs when looking for stock market related class project homework.  So I do ask, and require that all comments and replies be mindful that young readers are about …   Also, children may leave my posts and explore  your sites from your comments …

Thanks to science and math, I am the master of invisibility.   No, not magician’s trickery, but true invisibility.   I also have a place in the history books for an unbreakable encryption.   We all know how the US government feels about encryption; so,  having created an encryption they haven’t been able to break … since December 2010 … has turned out to be not such a great idea.   winking smiley

If you are reading articles urging that you invest in gold, or are interested in gold, or other precious metals, thru exchange traded funds (ETFs), such as GLD, or GDX, or SLV …. check out this blog:

SPDR® Gold Shares  (NYSE ARCA: GLD) Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) 


Have a great day







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