MICRON Technology Inc. (MU.O) (d-w-m) (p9)

I strongly suggest going to the Micron Investor Relations website and listen to the Nasdaq 34th Investor Program (June 16, 2016 1:15 PM UK)     Conference …

I also suggest exploring some of the Micron informational videos   here:

Link:         https://www.micron.com/
Micron (IMHO, highly conservative) stated 3D Xpoint might take 10 percent from total DRAM … but if Intel is demonstrating SSDs (hampered by a poor choice of a slow buss) way outperforming anything the competition has … pretty sure Enterprises will want the 3D Xpoint gadgets (with a better choice of buss) … leaving the competitions’ SSD turtles for the price conscious consumers …


Note:  Micron did test the “retracement”  $13.02 and rallied back …  closing above the “pull back”  $13.27 area of concern.    winking smiley


  8/2/2016  $13.40  -0.16 (-1.18%)   After Hours:  13.45 +0.05 (+0.37%)
  Analysis of MICRON Technology’s (MU.O) Daily, Weekly, Monthly, (d-w-m) chart activity through Tuesday’s (8/2/2016) close at  $13.40
The current trend is up and all orders on the long side may be considered.  If already holding long positions, look to take partial profits on any retracement to 13.02.   Traders with remaining long positions, after profit taking, should consider placing capital conserving stops in the region of 13.02.   Be prepared for a potential short term price pull back to the 13.27 area.
   Suggested placement of capital conserving stops:
If Long, exit all contracts at:    13.02
If Short, exit all contracts at:    14.89
mu 20160802d
  Chart #1 (above, daily, PP-Sup-Res)   Micron Tech (MU.O)
  •   :: Pivot point   13.33
  •   Support (s1)  13.09       Support (s2)  12.77
  •   Resistance (r1) 13.65   Resistance (r2)  13.89
  •   Simple Moving Average (Close 50):   $12.82    (uptrend)
  •   Simple Moving Average (Close 200):  $12.63   (downtrend)
  •   52 week High   20.10      52 week Low   9.31
Additional Micron Tech (MU.O) DAILY chart info:
  • Overall, the bias in prices is: Upwards.
  • Short term: Prices are stalling.
  • Intermediate term: Prices are trending.
  • Note (1): the MACD at 0.311 has turned bearish w/MU dropping below the indicator
  • Note (2): the Relative Strength Indicator is at 51.916
  • Note (3): prices are vulnerable to a correction towards 12.64.
  • The upper projected target is: 14.83.
  • The lower projected target is: 12.08.
  • The projected closing price is: 13.45.
Note: these price projections are calculated from previous trading activity and therefore for reference only, and can be easily exceeded, up or down,  by Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets.  Sorry, past performance is no guarantee of future similar results.
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-–  Monday, 8/1/2016   thru    Friday 8/5/2016  ——


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