FORM Holdings Corp. (FH.O) for Wednesday 8/10/2016


  I listened to the FORM Holdings Corp. (formerly  Vringo) (FH.O) and XpresSpa Holdings, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company (“XpresSpa”) acquisition Conference Call twice.  I will be listening again, and taking notes.  The call indicated the XpresSpa acquisition will be accretive to FORM Holdings earnings.  The call also business plans for XpresSpa growth into 40 of the 60 most promising airports that XpresSpa doesn’t presently already have a presence in.  The call also outlined plans for growth at existing locations as well as steps and actions to minimize customer wait times, as well as reviewing products and services sold.  More homework to follow …
Yesterday’s trading muddied “the Claw” formation … but between FORM Holdings Corp.  2q’2016 Financial Call, the Acquisition Call, and the Markets intraday struggles to find direction … a profit taking pull back while investors and traders absorb, analyze, and recalculate Risk/Reward in light of the  FORM Holdings Corp. (formerly  Vringo) (FH.O) and XpresSpa Holdings, LLC  acquisition seems a prudent course of action  … .    While yesterday’s trading muddied “the Claw” formation, yesterday’s trading  broke the sell/short trading chart suggestions.   The current trend is now “long” and up, not down …  The retracement numbers have flipped to lower prices … while the “pull back” numbers still point to higher prices …   Contrarian  Bearish and Bullish respectively. 


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 I.  FORM Holdings Corp. (Vringo)(FH.O)  Charts (d-w-m)

  Observation, Analysis, and Opinions (IMHO) of FORM Holdings Corp. (FH.O) (formerly Vringo, VRNG) Daily, Weekly, Monthly, (d-w-m) chart activity through Tuesday’s (8/9/2016) close at   $2.06
The current trend is up and all orders on the long side may be considered.  If already holding long positions, look to take partial profits on any retracement to $1.96.   Traders with remaining long positions, after profit taking, should consider placing capital conserving stops in the region of 1.96.   Be prepared for a potential short term price rally back to the $2.22  area.
Suggested placement of capital conserving stops…
If Long — exit all contracts at …      1.96
If Short — exit all contracts at …      2.57
 …. more homework from draft to be added shortly …
fh 20160809d


  Chart #1 (above, daily, PP-SupRes)   FORM Holdings Corp. (Vringo)(FH.O)  Note: Pivot point (PP),  Sup= Support, Res= Resistance


  •  :: Pivot point (PP)   2.15
  •   Support (s1)  1.96       Support (s2)  1.87
  •   Resistance (r1) 2.24   Resistance (r2)  2.43
  •   Simple Moving Average (Close 50):   $2.08    (uptrend)
  •   Simple Moving Average (Close 200):  $2.19   (downtrend)

Additional FORM Holdings Corp. (Vringo)(FH.O) DAILY chart info:

  • Overall, the bias in prices is: Downwards.
  • Short term: Prices are moving.
  • Intermediate term: Prices are trending.
  • Note (1): prices are vulnerable to a correction rally towards 2.13.
  • The upper projected target is: 2.31.
  • The lower projected target is: 1.82.
  • The projected closing price is: 2.06.
Note:   these price projections are calculated from previous trading activity and therefore for reference only, and can be easily exceeded, up or down,  by Mr. & Ms. Fickle Markets.  Sorry, past performance is no guarantee of future similar results.




-–  Monday, 8/8/2016   thru    Friday 8/12/2016  ——






2 thoughts on “FORM Holdings Corp. (FH.O) for Wednesday 8/10/2016

    1. Excellent question … thanks.

      During the conference call, management referred to $40 million gross with “contribution margins” of 20 to 22 percent. I had to refresh my memory on “contribution margins” because I have not heard it in a LONG time. However, it’s a great way to gage performance of a companies’ products, and or services against fixed costs. Services companies tend to have lower “contribution margins” while capital intensive companies like Tech tend to have higher “contribution margins”.

      I collected and I am refreshing my memory on all the “contribution margins” formula’s … so, my answer is its in my “math” spreadsheet(s) homework to do list as I am multitasking with Micron Tech (MU) and I just finished with the DHT Holdings q2’2016 Earnings Report and Financial Call …

      more to follow


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