Index Support and Resistance for Monday (9/5/2016)


  Monday the USA markets are closed in celebration of Labor Day. 

  Here’s wishing everyone, along with their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and communities have a happy, safe, and relaxing extended holiday weekend.  
It is not too early to start thinking, and planning, for September’s third Friday of the month (9/16/2016) Quadruple Witching options and futures expiration. scan0001a
   Also, as to the Fed raising rates in September (… or December 2016) , I suggest all the Central Banks rethink their QE plans and follow the Fed in raising rates by the same amount …. which should neutralize the stronger USA dollar currency issue.  I also suggest that the global growth stagnation we are seeing is the retirees and savers, are getting nothing for putting their monies in the bank.  The consumer is reluctant to spend.  We need global fiscal management and responsibility that benefits and accommodates the consumer, a consumer saver that sees their monies growing, may feel comfortable in spending some of that growing money.  So … raising rates at a pace that inspires spending will lead to higher sales, higher revenues, higher earnings which will eventually benefit Mr. and Ms. Fickle Markets too.       We also need to learn WHY the FED requires banks to set aside reserves for bank assets held at the FED as “additional reserves” … as if 2.4 TRILLION dollars in additional reserves NOT helping the US economy wasn’t bad enough …
Below you will find the changes in Index points through Friday, 9/2/2016’s close.    All of the calculations and projections are being processed for Tuesday’s regular hours trading and will be found in Index Support and Resistance for Tuesday, 9/6/2016.
Index chart 20160902

 I.   Index performance Friday, 9/2/2016

  • DJ Indu Avg  18,491.96  +72.66  (+0.39%)    (chart: blue)
  • Nasdaq …       5,249.90  +22.69  (+0.43%)    (chart: gold)
  • S&P 500 …      2,179.98     +9.12  (+0.42%)    (chart:  red )
  •   ——————————————-
  • DJ Trans Avg  7,946.79  +29.23  (+0.37%)
  • Rus 1k (RUI)   1,208.94  +5.64  (+0.47%)
  • Rus 2k (RUT)   1,251.83 +12.03  (+0.97%)
  • Rus 3k (RUA)   1,291.22  +6.50  (+0.51%)
  • CBOE (TNX)        15.96  +0.26  (+1.66%)
  • Volatility(VIX)   11.98  -1.50 (-11.13%)


…. more to follow

Again, please have a happy, safe, and relaxing extended holiday weekend.  






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