It is YOUR money!  While analysis of past data is no guarantee of similar current, or future, performance … looking at Market, Sector, Industry, & Company Bull and Bear analysis with Fundamentals first and foremost (databases and spreadsheets) , followed by Technical analysis (charts: daily weekly, monthly, etc.). Sentiment  Analysis, and listening to Financial calls, conference calls, webcasts, etc. can make investing decisions, as well as continuation of  existing investments in a Fund, Mutual or ETF, stock, warrant, or other security  …   less of a lottery gamble … providing peace of mind.Global mrkts 20141001

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  1. Just came across this web site today. Curious: what relationship/association does this organization/website have to the US Army? (I’m a 50% Disabled US Army Viet Nam Era Veteran)


    1. First thank you for your service and sacrifice. Sorry to hear about your disability.

      I enlisted in the US Army during the Viet Nam Conflict-Police Action-War-????? And, knowing what I know now, if I had to do it all over again, I would. (despite Prez. Carter pardoning the guys that ran off to Canada … to avoid the draft)

      Decades back when the internet was 300 baud … vet67to82 or Vet67to82 used to be my password. I was signing up for a website trial, and because I do not type well, (a long story) I was looking at the keyboard instead of the screen and didn’t notice that the screen name I wanted to use was already taken …. and the website filled in the screen name box with Vet … so, my password became my screen name and my screen name became my password … and Vet has been my screenname/website ever since.

      Thanks again for your service.


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